About Trouvaille Productions

Independent Filmmakers

Based along the bayous and swamps of Louisiana, Trouvaille Productions captures the unique stories that resonant along these murky water as well as beyond the Bayou State.

Being a small production company,  our goal is to be involved in each stage of production.   It starts with having  the right team in place for each project.  Learn more about our strategy below.   

Our Strategy

Our goal is to create an engaging film that will impact our audience.   We believe in being involved in each stage of production from start  to finish.


During the first stage of production, we develop ideas and write the screenplay.   This is where the magic begins.  


During the second stage of production, preparations and arrangement are made such as hiring cast and film crew and selecting locations.   This is where our team is put together. Every position makes a difference.


During the third  stage of production, raw footage and other elements are recorded during the film shoot.   This is when everything comes together on set.   Lights, Camera, Action.


During the forth stage of production, images and sounds of the recorded film are edited and combined into a finish film.  This is where everything envisioned during the development stage comes together and the story unfolds. 


During the fifth stage of production,  the completed film is distributed, marketed, and screened.   Initially, we will focus on festivals.   With festival entries, we will learn and grow as a production company from how the film is received to audience feedback.